Meet Our


Elena Aloupogianni


Department of Information & Communications Engineering
School of Engineering
Serving as a Student Ambassador from April 2021 to September 2022

Greetings! My name is Elena and I am a 2nd year doctoral student in Obi Laboratory. After growing up in a seaside town in southern Greece, I received a 5-year diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. As a European, for me graduate studies in Europe were something common, expected. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself and come to Japan, to learn how to observe the world from an Asian perspective. I enrolled in Tokyo Tech, first as a Research student to study Japanese, then as a Masters student in Information and Communications Engineering Course and finally as a doctoral student in Human-Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering Course. My research focus is hyper-spectral imaging to facilitate gross pathology of skin cancers. I try to spend my free time hiking along the vast mountainous regions of Kanto. My goal is to merge western ideals with Asian perspectives, to walk on a path towards success and happiness.


A lab trip? I’m in!

Team-building in the form of a laboratory excursion to enjoy Japan’s majestic nature


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