Student Life

Student Life

A Social Life Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Upon arrival in a foreign country for study or work, we face two new emotions and find ourselves at a crossroads marked by dual challenges. On one side, there exists an opportunity and an invaluable prospect to embrace new connections and cultures, socializing with people from diverse backgrounds globally, and to grow ourselves as an […]

A Journey of Science and Adventures with TAIST-Tokyo Tech in Thailand

What is TAIST-Tokyo Tech Student Exchange Program in Thailand (SERE) in a nutshell? The program serves as a 1-2 months research internship at one of the labradorites within the vast vicinity of the NSTDA’s Thailand Science Park (TSP); the first and largest integrated research facility in Thailand, located in the city of Puthum Thani, situated […]

A Sojourner’s Contemplation

“Contemplating as time goes by...” is a series of blogs depicting my experience in Japan, from the time I got accepted into Tokyo Tech, until now as I am sitting here writing these words. Through these stories of mine, I hope you get a better grasp of how the life of an international student is in Japan. This also does me the favor of keeping these memories much longer here on this blog site, the memories that, although of many shades, I still dearly embrace.

Home Away from Home: Dorm Life at TIEC – Tokyo International Exchange Center

Everything you need to know to make the most of your new journey. Welcome to the vibrant student dormitory life in Odaiba, Tokyo (TIEC). A taste of modern architecture in a spotless and dazzling manmade island surrounded by peaceful beach shores, busy shopping malls, futuristic museums, and bustling weekend events and festivals.

A Whole New World

Hi! Welcome to Tokyo Institute of Technology! It’s been a long trip from where you were to where you are now; here, it is a whole new world! Most students come from different prefectures in Japan and countries and look forward to starting a new life chapter.

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