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SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING / Master's degree program

Apryani Naibaho


Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics
School of Engineering
Student Ambassador from April 2023 to March 2024

Hello! My name is Apy, and I am from Indonesia. I am a first-year master’s student, and part of the Chung Laboratory, with a strong interest in marketing and retailing. During my bachelor’s studies, I majored in chemical engineering but made a significant shift to working in the eCommerce industry until I decided to pursue my master’s degree at Tokyo Tech in the fall of 2022. Since high school, I have always manifested studying abroad where Japan became my top-of-mind destination. Although the ride was not easy, I believe in the law of attraction and am now finally enrolled in the IGP-C with a scholarship from the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). Apart from my studies, I enjoy traveling and collecting castle stamps across Japan. Living here as an international student was such a fresh yet exciting journey for me and I would love to share my experience with all of you. Hopefully, it can encourage and help your journey to also study in this beautiful country!



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