Meet Our


Yuchen Liu


Department of Information and Communications Engineering
School of Engineering
Student Ambassador from April 2021 to March 2022

What’s up, guys! I am Liu Yuchen from Xi’an (mainland China), which is a city with long history and has a deep cultural heritage. I am now studying as master student in Fukawa Lab (concentrate on wireless communication research), department of information and Communication Engineering. I just came to Tokyo at the end of last year (2020), and it’s also the first time I stand on this land. Even though I haven’t stayed for a long time here, I have experienced various things here, part-time job, internship and traveling around. I love this city, Tokyo, which brings new stuff and events every day for you to discovering and full of energy and vigor. I love basketball and play video games, but unfortunately, I don’t have so much time to give them during master program. Instead, now I enjoy studying knowledge and technology from different fields and expose myself to wide range of the world.




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