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Pearpran Wattanavichien


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
School of Environment and Society
Student Ambassador from April 2023 to March 2025

Hi, I’m Pear. I was born in Melbourne, Australia. However, I was raised and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand in a mixed traditional culture of Thai and Chinese. I visited Japan several times since I was young with my parents and I have fallen in love with Japanese culture, food, and architecture ever since. I graduated from architecture school. I am interested in building material and technology. Fortunately, I got the MEXT scholarship and have had the best opportunity to study at Tokyo Tech in Iwanami Laboratory. I came to Japan during winter 2020 in the pandemic era when everything was online. I received my master’s in 2022 with an award for the best presentation and paper and also got selected as a class representative of the School of Environment and Society at my graduation ceremony in the fall. Thereafter, I proceeded directly to a Ph.D. in civil engineering. My research theme is about using plastic waste in concrete for an improved and sustainable environment and society. During my free time, I love exploring Japan and playing a variety of sports. Moreover, I love hanging out with different groups of international friends and doing several activities such as attending lunch/dinner parties, yoga classes, board game nights, and museum and shrine hopping.


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