Tokyo Tech’s campuses are lush and green, allowing you to fully experience Japan’s four seasons. Along with your academic study and research, we hope that you can also learn about the country’s seasonal wonders.

Summer is the season when the sound of distant firework displays can normally be heard from campus. Sadly, many of these events have been cancelled, but the stunning cherry blossoms on campus will be waiting to greet you in the spring when you enter Tokyo Tech.

We have just started calling for applications to the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP). The program will admit eight international students who will be accepted as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Scholarship recipients for up to four years, in addition to ten privately funded students.

In this program, all subjects are taught in English, allowing qualified international students who have little or no proficiency in the Japanese language to pursue an engineering bachelor’s degree at Tokyo Tech. GSEP is offered only in the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering and not by any other School or Department.

Applications are completed through our online system. Please refer to the new procedure described in the application guidelines to ensure your application goes smoothly.

Please refer to:

Tokyo Tech Website (GSEP)

Application Guide for GSEP commencing in April 2023

We look forward to hearing from you!

Staff of the Admissions Division