While you’re all enjoying the splendid summer days, we send you happy greetings from us: the student ambassadors!

As representatives of Tokyo Tech, we are excited to help you in your journey at the Institute, whether it be terms of your education or career, by offering moral support and providing important information relating to matters on and off campus.

Check us out to stay updated on our Tokyo Tech community, where students are provided with a comfortable setting and a truly unique study experience in practical science and engineering. Both students and faculty members have contributed to the progress of society and humankind through research and education by being in the front line of research. This blog will explore and share how they spend their time in research activities and how they enjoy their university lives – a great chance to expand your horizons!

We face many serious challenges due to Covid-19, not least of which are having to change the way we work, attend lectures, and live our lives. It is not even safe to go out for the time being, but don’t lose heart! Instead, get creative and use this extra time to your advantage to make plans and projects for the future.

Until the next blog, let’s all heed the words of Tokyo Tech President Masu:

“The safety of Tokyo Tech students, faculty, and staff is our top priority. It is imperative that, while conducting lectures online, we adapt to a new normal and continue to avoid thoroughly the three Cs — closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings — by practicing social distancing and other preventive measures. This will allow the Institute’s members to resume gradually their education and research activities.” (July 2020)

Meanwhile, Tokyo Tech will be working hard to be able to welcome students from all over the world back to the campuses. Catch you next time!